For over 100 years, a local clay mine was the source of rumors, speculation and gossip.   The story of how I found it, obtained the mineral rights and developed it for use, is a story with many chapters.  “The clay has different layers, physically and metaphorically.  It has taken me on many adventures and the knowledge I have gained from it has been very empowering”.

Leanna Carlson


Is now successfully running Carlson Pottery  in Prince George.  Her work is sold in Galleries all over Northern BC.  The Exploration Place features exclusively the local Angel Clay as well as Dragon Clay. Many of the glazes we use are made with dug materials (rocks and other minerals) from near Prince George or as far away as Muncho Lake and Mount St. Helens.  


Angel Clay


  • 100 percent pure clay from the banks of the Fraser River in the Prince George Area

  • Cone 27 to Cone 32 depending on the layer and where it is taken from the site 

  • Tested in the 1940's by the Canadian Government and the results were published in 1952 in The British Columbia Department of Mines "Clay and Shale Deposits of British Columbia".  


Dragon Clay


  • Made with more than 40 percent Angel Clay

  • A claybody Leanna developed during a two month residency stay at Red Deer College in Alberta.

  • This scientifically formulated clay has less than .06 percent absorption meaning it is safe for dinnerware microwaves, dishwasher and freezer.

  • Dragon clay was made specifically to make functional dinnerware such as bowls and mugs.  

  • During the Residency in Red Deer, an article about Leanna and the hand dug clay was written by Paul Leather's and featured in Clay Times Winter/Spring 2015 edition.  Click Here to access Issuu for back issues of Clay Times


The Soda Kiln


  • A kiln built for the Dragon Clay and Angel Clay.  Soda Ash and Baking Soda is added to the fire to produce a glaze vapor that lands on the pots in a spontaneous and spectacular way.  It also brings out a beautiful bright orange flashing on the pottery to give it a distinct characteristic.  

  • Our glazes and clay have been designed with DigitalFire insight software to make our liner glazes fit the clay properly and make it strong.  We are artisans using science to bring beautiful useful objects to your table.


The best selection of Leanna Carlson's work is at her Gallery in Carlson Pottery.  It  is also available online and at the following places.  

Prince George


The Exploration Place

Studio 2880

Two Rivers Gallery 


Mountainside Gifts and Gallery 

Fort St. John

Peace Gallery North


Mountain Gifts

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We are just 8 minutes north of downtown Prince George

      3955 Hart Highway